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In 2014, Sherwood (Far East) was formed in Hong Kong for general trading and container depot management. Due to the rapid growth of the company, expanding the business would be more effective in the complicated business environment nowadays. As a result, Sherwood Logistics was formed in 2015 to take over the logistics business and container depot management from Sherwood (Far East). In 2016, Sherwood Living is formed to develop company brand products in daily necessities, garment, food & beverage, and home appliances.

Sherwood (Far East) is concentrated in the general trading sector especially in building material, and daily commodity. In the end of 2015, Sherwood (Far East) is honored to be one of the Chevron appointed distributors in Hong Kong and Macau for Caltex brand lubricant. Furthermore, Sherwood (Far East) has strong relationships with Spanish marble quarries and China Marble experts in sourcing and supplying quality stone blocks and slabs to international stone processors and project contractors. Today, Sherwood (Far East) expands to supply Chain sector, providing Worldwide customers with procurement execution, distribution, implementation, procurement outsourcing, and stock planning.

Due to the strong background and experience from Sherwood (Far East), Sherwood Logistics continues to expand the logistics sector after taking over the role from Sherwood (Far East). Today, Sherwood Logistics is expanding rapidly where apart from Hong Kong. Moreover, Sherwood Logistics has established a good connection with reliable oversea partners around the World to satisfy the customers’ logistics need.

Sherwood Living is developed under the need of Sherwood (Far East) in brand products development. The main role of Sherwood Living is to continue to supply the top quality products under Sherwood Living supervision. Sherwood Living has closed relation with Worldwide manufacturers to ensure every single product under every single brand has the best value, quality, and safety.

Like our theme “solution to your situation”. Sherwood aims to satisfy all customers’ needs in sourcing, logistics, and financing. We sincerely welcomed customers who are interested to contact us for any special enquiries, requests or needs.

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