Warehouse Services

  • Storage – constant temperature
  • Labelling, Marking, Re-packing services
  • Loading / Unloading containers
  • Container consolidation

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This is one of our value added service of our warehouse, we can arrange re-packing and labelling by following our client’s instructions, our warehouse team provides efficient service to support our clients to complete their re-pack or labelling requests, make sure the goods can be shipped or delivered to their buyers on time.

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Container Depot

We offer competitive cost for trucking delivery of break-bulk cargoes and local delivery of container cargoes, full range of value-added services:

  • Container Depot Storage: 20'GP, 40'GP, 40'HQ, 45'HQ, RF20', RF40' – with 24 hours constant temperature control
  • Container Depot service: Cargo Loading, Unloading, Transloading, Container Repairing
  • Reefer Containers: We have our own container depot to provide reefer container storage with 24 hours constant temperature control, for our clients to arrange export or import reefer containers instantly.
  • Trucking service: CY service, laden towing, empty return between Hong Kong and Guangdong province.
  • Labeling, Marking, Re-packing services

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