Supply Chain/Purchasing

Supply Chain Service

Sherwood focuses on the supply chain field, providing customers with procurement execution, distribution, implementation, procurement outsourcing, logistics planning and implementation, supply chain financial settlement, agent import and export, global distribution and other supply chain services. We share resources with customers, create value for customers. By Integration of procurement, customs clearance, warehousing, collection, distribution, transportation channels and other resources, we provide customers with four flows (logistics flow, business flow, capital flow, information flow)to be one, break the original node service, update the traditional mode of thinking and ideas to reduce the pressure of client funds, reduce financial risk, and to solve problems in the logistics process, improve efficiency, and ultimately the owner of profit maximization.

Purchasing Execution

Depending on powerful capital strength and rich experience, we are able to offer purchasing services for large-scale manufacturing and retail enterprises, as well as commercial service, import and export, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service.
Offer integrated supply chain solution for domestic and overseas clients;
Control purchase cost and assist clients in making and implementing purchase plan;
Outsource commercial and logistics services to reduce operating cost and increase operating efficiency;
Enable clients to focus on R&D, production, brand.

Sales Execution

Depending on advanced information system and powerful capital strength, we are able to offer sales and distribution services for manufacturing enterprises, as well as including business handling, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service.
Expand sales channels and increase operating efficiency;
Provide one-stop logistics service to meet market demand;
Reduce occupation of funds and speed up capital turnover.

Execute procurement service

"Overseas orders, purchasing, receiving
"Business order processing
"Capital acting mat

The company is committed to be the bridge between customers and suppliers, so as to realize the three parties mutually beneficial and win-win, inheritance forever.
Through the purchasing services, you will receive the following earnings:
> > down to cost
> > reduce the risk
> > guarantee for efficiency and quality

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